Here’s some information about the people behind the blog.  Knock yourselves out.

Lorna: I am 18 and I have started the crazy adventure of university studying Business Studies and Marketing. I enjoy photography and spend most of my time finding new music. My music taste is indescribable ranging from rock to house, all the way through to the Biebs. I would say I am an avid football fan, where conversations on such topic can become heated very quickly. If you were to look at me you would be surprised to find out I am actually an athlete. I am a Scottish International lawn bowler (no I do not smoke a pipe or wear a cap). I am most active on twitter find me and join the roller coaster @lornagoldsmith.  




20160801_175404I’m a 19 year old university student (she/her) who studies Cinema and English.  I have a love of words (although it’s hard to wrangle them the way you want to), photography and “weird” music – as my mum calls it.  I started this blog to try to get better at writing.  I spend far too much time on the internet so at least this gives me something productive to do!  Purple haired feminist, very invested in mental health issues.  I’m probably that girl the “meninists” warned you about.  Find my posts tagged under kirsty writes, usually on a Thursday.



Hallo, I am Boo, a contributor to this blog. I am Kirsty’s merciful and tolerant house-mate as well as her friend. I study English Literature at the same university, and now it seems I write on the same blog. I’m the short haired queer to her pink haired feminist. My interests include art, fantasy, scifi, cute people and pretty much any animal I get to encounter on-screen or face to face. Also food. But what you’ll most likely get on here is my creative writing. You can find my short stories most likely posted at 3am on Tuesdays under the tag lefteyedbeast, which also happens to be my Instagram username if you’d like to see my drawing and pretty, pretty face.



    • Ahhh thank you! Yeah that was my thinking (my old blog is dead aha). Good luck with your motivation! Also I like your blog name 🙂

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