Sometimes the best way to let go of your thoughts and feelings is to write them all down. This is about a girl who never gave me the answers. A girl who all of a sudden disappeared and never spoke again. A girl who I thought was better than that. 

Why of all days was it Valentines Day?
for weeks no word I thought you left me astray.
You told me you were sorry for leaving so long
I said I accept, I want to hear from you more.
When I asked what you wanted you said your’re unsure
I try to tease it out of you, I was only denied.
I hurt from that one word only reply,
or was it worse not hearing goodbye?

We would talk all night, for weeks then months
each day we would learn something new.
What’s your favourite team? Or movie scene? Do you like one sugar or two?
How was work? message back so I know that you’re safe
and take it easy when you’re up in the morning.

During this time I thought that we could be
so I ask you out on a date.
Not yes or no, not even maybe so
this was when I didn’t know where to stand.
I thought maybe you were feeling nervous
I give my patience and reassurance
what more could I really do?

You said there was other stuff going on in your head
I pressed for answers but only mislead.
Weeks of not knowing I needed to know you were safe.
So I check on your twitter, just to make sure
but, then I knew I was being ignored.
Why did you spend so much time away?
When all you had to do was simply say.

These are not the first words I have dedicated to you
cause I’ve only started falling apart.
I’ve taken our pieces and stopped building them skywards,
this is where I start stepping forward.
I let you go and walk away into the world
I might watch out for your success.
For one last time let me know you’re alright
and then I will be on my way.


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