Why Having Fine Hair Isn’t As Great As You Think

So how many times have I seen or heard people bemoaning their hair?  Countless, I should imagine.  The thickness of hair also seems to spark a kind of divide. “There are no disadvantages to having thin hair!” I see people claim.  There are many other posts or “lists” written by people with thick hair who claim there is everything wrong with their hair so I can’t complain about mine.

I’m not denying that people with thick hair have their own problems, but stop telling me I’m “lucky” and “have it easy” when all my life I’ve wished for hair like my sister’s.  I would definitely prefer thick hair that takes forever to dry than what I have.

It may take you longer to dry your hair, but at least you don’t have to be careful with towel drying in case more of your hair falls out.  On average, you lose 100 hairs a day.  When you have fine hair, you can’t afford to lose any more.  Lucky me, probably due to stress, I am cursed with constantly shedding everywhere (I went home from uni for my birthday and one day I got a message that one of my hairs was in my flatmate’s clean washing that he had just taken out of the machine).  Every time I hoover, there’s practically enough hair to make a wig!!  Seriously, there is pink hair everywhere.  Sometimes there are rare sightings of my blue or purple hairs.  Also, you should see my hairbrush.  So much hair is pulled out every time I brush my hair.  And do you know how annoying it is that so much of my hair ends up blocking the plughole??  It should not be possible for me to still have hair, honestly.

When you have fine hair, kirby grips and clips slide right out of your hair, making hairstyles difficult to maintain – if you even have enough hair for your desired style.  I’ve seen four year olds with more hair than me.  Fine hair isn’t really conducive to having layers (it just doesn’t work), and full fringes are difficult.  I’ve heard a lot of “you don’t have enough hair for that” in my life.  Every time Pinterest emails me lists of beautiful hairstyles I imagine my face is the human equivalent of “-__-“.

You WISH you had this much hair (via rebloggy)



All these “volumising” shampoos and conditioners are always advertised on people with already thick hair, so you can’t tell how they’d work on you (spoiler alert: they don’t).  Dry shampoo is less effective than on people with thicker hair.  Not to mention the static.  Brushing my naturally curly/wavy hair makes it straight and filled with static.  I suppose it does give me (temporary, fake) volume.  If I actually wanted to look like I’ve been shocked.

Your plaits or bunches or ponytails will be very small.  I’ve had people ask how I can make tiny little plaits.  It’s easy if you’ve had the practise, in this case where the ends of my hair plaits would be a couple of millimetres across.  This means having to twist hair bobbles around about four or five times to make them hold.  I use loom bands for the ends of my hair, and even then they still go round a few times.

On top of all this, hairdos don’t last.  If I straighten or curl my hair, it wears off very quickly, even with hairspray.  Fine hair doesn’t STAY – you’ll be battling wisps and stray strands all day, as well as your fancy hairstyle not wanting to survive one gust of wind or even half an hour of the environment.

You can do this forever.  It barely works (via birchbox)

What I am trying to put across is that fine hair is not “a blessing”, a “relief”, or whatever people are calling it.  Fine hair, thick hair, who cares.  We all have difficulty dealing with it sometimes.  I hate having fine hair.  Some people hate having thick hair.  Neither is better or worse than the other (nah, thick hair is way better :P).  My hair is a constant source of annoyance for me, but it’s not like I can change that (you know, since extensions don’t stay or aren’t covered), so I’m learning to be okay with it.  It definitely helps that it’s currently my favourite colour.

And, well, at least I don’t have to buy as much hair dye.


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