Heirsound Release Debut EP, ‘Merge’


One of my favourite new up and coming bands are Heirsound. Heirsound was formed by former love, robot members Alexa San Roman and Dane Peterson. On Friday 5th August they released their first ever EP, Merge. Which consists of 6 songs. Each song representing a different colour creating a wonderful aura of colour. I first stumbled across the band on YouTube just after the video for Do It Over was released back in October 2015 and since then I have followed the band greatly and support everything they do. Heirsound are currently an unsigned band but manage to write their own songs, create merchandise, and produce and edit their own videos which turn out to be so professional. The band have a lot of talent and seem to be coming more and more popular.

Dane and Alexa

The first track off the EP is called Choke. Red is the colour associated with this song, lyric-wise the track conveys anger, so red it a very fitting colour for the song. We hear the old sounds of past band love, robot combined with a new electronic and poppy sound. But the two styles meet in the middle to create the sound of Heirsound and a provide us with very good introduction to the EP.

The second track is the emotional song called My Own represented by the colour blue. This song has a beautiful video alongside it. The video was shot in an aquarium, to go along with the blue theme of the song. You can watch the video for My Own Here:


Slow motion comes across as very therapeutic and calming to listen to.This track holds strong standout lyrics: “loving the things we know, learning to let them go.” Which creates an emotional and relatable connection to this song. The song also has a beautiful video connected to it featuring Sam San Roman.


Hoods up sets a different pace to the EP unlike the other songs it sits beside. Lyrics in this track sound darker however that is not an issue as it gives the whole EP a refreshing edge and shows how variant the band can be and are open to different styles

Fell again is the fifth track on the EP. Like slow motion, Fell Again has a strong connection with me including very personal references.  This song has  beautiful and harmonising vocals which help match the emotions of the lyrics. Fell Again is my favourite lyrically and emotionally and I’m sure will connect with many others.

The final track Do it Over was the first song to be released by the band and is where I first fell in love with Heirsound. Do It Over has fierce vocals from Alexa but also more soothing vocals from Dane, which comes together impressively to create the final track and sets the tone to what we next expect from Heirsound.

Merge is definitely just the beginning for this band. There is so much talent and effort that has been put into this project and is paying off. For an unsigned band they are on their way to an incredible adventure. Heirsound are such an exciting prospect and I wish the band all the best and hope to review and give my opinions on future music.

You can buy the EP, Merge on ITunes and stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.


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