5 Things That Happen When You Move Out Of University Accommodation

Having recently completed my first year of university and moved back home for the next four months, I’ve realised there are many common experiences that most students in the same boat have upon leaving their home of the past 37 weeks.

1. Your stuff will get everywhere.  After chasing down your belongings in every corner of the flat (seriously, when did your sock end up under the sink??), you might think it is over as soon as you pack stuff the last bag into the crammed car.  Unfortunately not.  You’ll be searching for your hairbrush or that pair of jeans or that SAAS letter for weeks, only to keep finding your sieve or a t-shirt you’d thought you’d lost.  If your bags, boxes and suitcases don’t end up piled in the middle of the living room then they’ll end up strewn about every room in the house.  And you might end up living out of one bag like I have.

2. At least one person will remark that you “never had that much stuff going to uni”.  Aside from all the freshers freebies and the new outfits you bought, it’s really not that much Mum!  If it still fits into the car, it doesn’t count.  And if you haven’t managed to finish the food in the fridge, that doesn’t count either.

3. You’ll forget where you are at some point.  Accidentally rolling out of bed the wrong way; forgetting the door doesn’t lock automatically; leaving lights on expecting them to switch themselves off; constantly expecting the fire alarm to go off; all of these will become normal to you.  The novelty of a packed fridge will probably remind you you’re home though.

4. You will probably end up with half your flatmate’s forks.  Don’t ask me why.

5. Whether you absolutely loved staying in halls or you had the neighbours from hell (like mine), you will miss it.  The freedom, your own bedroom with a lock, the cafes and shops in the city, even eating what you want when you want.  Once you’re back home with your parents/guardians, possibly siblings too, it’s a little bit difficult to deal with.  There’s nothing quite like a taste of independence.  There are plenty  of problems with uni accommodation, but you can’t deny that it’s quite nice having your own wee flat with less negative aspects – like council tax or total responsibility – of private living.


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